Tire Service

Tire Rotation, Maintenance and Service in Groveland, Florida

Taking care of the tires on your car or truck has huge benefits for the life and driveability of your vehicle. Properly inflated tires can improve your gas milage as much as 3 percent when compared to under-inflated tires.  Florida drivers in particular need to pay special attention to their tires so they endure the heat of the summer. Underinflated tires generate more heat than properly inflated tires. Add that to the extreme heat of Florida highways and the risk of tire failure increases greatly.

Tire Replacement

Florida can be a brutal place for car and truck tires. The near constant sun dries out the oils that keep rubber pliable. Even if the tread looks good, consider replacing your tires every five to six years, especially if you park outside. If you need help determining if your tires need replaced, contact Griffis Automotive Clinic for a tire inspection.

Tire Service

Bring your vehicle to one of our certified tire specialist and we’ll check it for worn tires, irregular tread wear and proper inflation. Griffis Automotive Clinic is also a top choice for flat repair in Groveland, FL. We fix tire problems fast and can have you back on the road quickly.

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