Boost Your Car’s Handling with a Wheel Alignment in Groveland, FL

Don’t let poor wheel alignment affect your driving experience. Griffis Automotive Clinic offers wheel alignment to help improve your vehicle’s handling, stability, and fuel efficiency.

As you go on a trip, you naturally want your car to handle well, mile after mile. To do that effectively, your vehicle needs its suspension geometry set correctly, ensuring the tires always track the road properly.

Fortunately, that’s easy to do with wheel alignment services from Griffis Automotive Clinic. Our tire and brake shop in Groveland, FL has the state-of-the-art equipment and know-how needed to keep your vehicle’s wheel alignment in spec at all times.


A wheel alignment adjusts different wheel angles to optimize the contact patch and ensure they track the road together. Our ASE-certified technicians use a high-tech alignment machine that accurately measures the suspension geometry specs.

With that data, we adjust these angles and bring them into spec. We may adjust the toe, caster, and camber angles depending on your vehicle type. Each one changes how the tires sit in relation to the road, the suspension system, and each other.

Benefits of Getting Wheel Alignments

You can benefit in the following ways when you take the time to get wheel alignment services done regularly:

  • Enjoy better handling and a more comfortable ride
  • Stay confident behind the wheel on all your travels
  • Save money on tires by decreasing the wear rate
  • Get better gas mileage thanks to the lower rolling resistance

Ultimately, timely wheel alignments improve your safety while protecting your bottom line. You can rest assured that your car or entire fleet is ready for the road by completing this service as recommended.

Signs Your Vehicle May Need a Wheel Alignment

If you haven’t had a wheel alignment done lately, you may notice these signs:

Take about three minutes per drive for a baseline to note how your car sounds, feels and operates. Then, if anything changes, schedule a visit to our auto repair shop in Groveland, FL.


Ideally, you have your wheels aligned every 3,000 to 7,500 miles. At the very least, aim to get a wheel alignment done once a year. You can time it right by adding this service whenever you come into an auto shop for an oil change. Come in sooner if you hit a significant pothole, the curb, or any other obstacle in the roadway. You should also have a wheel alignment done when getting new tires.

Looking for Wheel Alignment Services? Contact Griffis Automotive Clinic in Groveland, FL

Whether you’re getting new tires or want to ensure your wheel alignment is in spec, our team at Griffis Automotive Clinic is here to help. We’re your go-to shop in Groveland, FL for wheel alignments and other essential maintenance services.

Our team welcomes you to call us at (352) 243-2277 to schedule your appointment. We are located at 1508A Max Hooks Rd., Groveland, FL.