Care for Your Car with Oil Change Services in Groveland, FL

Regular oil changes are essential to running your vehicle smoothly and efficiently. At Griffis Automotive Clinic in Groveland, FL, we’re committed to providing top-quality oil change services that you can rely on.

Regular oil changes are not a big deal. But they’re actually the difference between keeping your car running right and dealing with major engine issues down the road. Without regular oil and filter changes, your engine’s internal parts cannot stay clean, cool, and properly lubricated.

So, it’s essential to care for your vehicle with oil change services—and our team at Griffis Automotive Clinic is here to help. Our ASE-certified technicians can complete your maintenance services on schedule using the highest-quality parts and fluids. All you have to do is schedule your appointments and bring your car to the shop.

Why Get Your Oil Changed

As the lifeblood of your engine, motor oil must retain its ability to clean, cool, and lubricate the moving parts to do its job right. Unfortunately, as the oil circulates, it slowly degrades from the pressure and heat inside your engine.

On top of that, the oil collects dirt, metal shavings, and other potentially harmful particles. The oil filter traps these particles in its element, eventually filling up with dirt and debris.

To refresh your oil and filter, visit our shop in Groveland, FL shop for an oil change. Our technicians will remove the old filter and drain the oil before putting a new filter on and topping it back off with fresh oil.

Risks of Going Too Long Between Oil Changes

Your engine cannot operate efficiently when filled with degraded oil passing through a dirty filter.

The moving parts lack lubrication and cooling, resulting in excessive wear and tear on the engine’s internals.

Worse yet, the oil degrades, eventually becoming an oily sludge. The sludge blocks the engine’s oil galleries and other passageways while dramatically increasing resistance against the moving parts. All this adds up to an increased risk of catastrophic engine failure.

How to Know It’s Time to Change Your Oil

Your vehicle needs an oil change every 3,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Synthetic motor oil lasts longer than conventional oil, but harsh driving conditions can shorten its lifespan. If you need clarification about your vehicle’s specific needs, our service advisor and technician will work together to determine the ideal oil change intervals for you. During your appointment, we’ll change your oil and oil filter, check the status of other fluids, perform inspections, and address any additional needs your vehicle may have.

Ready to Get Oil Change Service in Groveland, FL?

At Griffis Automotive Clinic, we always make it easy to get your oil changes done on time every time. We always look forward to helping you keep your personal car or entire fleet in excellent condition.

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