Brake Repair

Maximize Your Stopping Power with Brake Repair Services in Groveland, FL

When it comes to your vehicle’s safety, you deserve the best. At Griffis Automotive Clinic in Groveland, FL, our team of brake experts is here to provide you with top-quality brake repair and service you can trust.

When you press down your brake pedal, you’re trusting your car to slow down and come to a stop on demand. If anything goes wrong with that process, your safety and well-being are on the line.

You definitely shouldn’t leave your car’s stopping power to chance. Thankfully, you can keep your vehicle stopping on a dime by partnering with our team at Griffis Automotive Clinic. We’re your go-to spot for brake repair services for light-duty diesel vehicles, commuter cars, and fleet vehicles.

Importance of Auto Brakes Service

The automotive braking system uses a series of interconnected parts to slow and stop your vehicle, such as:


Depending on your braking system type, your vehicle uses consumable parts like brake pads and rotors or brake drums and shoes. In addition, the system uses pressurized fluid to activate your stopping power on demand.

If anything goes wrong with any of those parts, your vehicle won’t stop quickly or not at all. You may not have much warning either, especially if your brakes are in severe disrepair. The best way to avoid that is by having your brakes maintained at a reputable shop on a set schedule.

Signs You Need Brake Service and Repairs

The most common signs you need auto brakes service are:

Ideally, it would help if you came in to get brake service and repairs regularly instead of waiting for signs of a problem to appear. By coming in every six months for a digital vehicle inspection, your auto technician can let you know when it’s time for service.

What Does A Full Brake Service Include?

At our auto repair shop in Groveland, FL, we service all the major types of brake systems, including both disc and drum brakes. We’re well-versed in accurately diagnosing and repairing problems with anti-lock braking systems.

Complete brake service includes a thorough inspection, new brake pads and rotors, and a brake flush on a disc brake system. On the other hand, drum braking systems typically need new shoes and an adjustment. Our brake technicians can tell you what your brakes need when you enter the shop.

Are you having trouble activating your car’s emergency brake? We can help with that, too. No matter what braking problems you’re experiencing, just let our team know, and we’ll help you find the cause and resolve the issue.


Most personal cars, diesel trucks, and fleet vehicles need brake maintenance completed every 20,000 to 60,000 miles. It would be best if you had your brakes inspected every six months to assess their wear and check for damage. Time your brake inspections with your tire rotations to streamline this service.


You don’t need to get your brakes done at the dealership to maximize your stopping power. Just choose a trusted auto repair shop that uses quality parts built for your vehicle. Our ASE-certified technicians can resurface or replace rotors, change brake pads, and perform other brake repair services.

Is It Time to Get Auto Brake Repair in Groveland, FL?

When it comes time to get auto brake repair, contact our Griffis Automotive Clinic team. As your premier brake shop in Groveland, FL, we have the skills and experience needed to keep your vehicle stopping on demand. Our team expertly handles brake service on everything—from personal cars to light-duty diesel trucks.

To book your appointment, call us at (352) 243-2277 or visit us at 1508A Max Hooks Rd., Groveland, FL. Our team is dedicated to making your visit as convenient as possible. We offer pick-up and drop-off services, shuttle service, and a comfortable waiting room for your comfort. Let us know how we can personalize your experience.