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Griffis Automotive Clinic: Your Go-To for Pre-Holiday Travel Vehicle Inspections

As the holiday season approaches and you prepare for road trips to reconnect with family and friends, your vehicle’s reliability becomes more important than ever. Long drives and busy roads demand your car be in its best shape. That’s where a comprehensive vehicle check by Griffis Automotive Clinic comes into play.

Why Comprehensive Vehicle Checks are Crucial Before Holiday Travel

A comprehensive vehicle check ensures each part of your car, from engine performance to tire pressure, is ready for the demands of holiday travel.

Think of it as a wellness check for your vehicle. Just like you wouldn’t want to run a marathon without a doctor’s approval, you wouldn’t want to embark on your holiday journey without ensuring your car is up for the challenge.

Griffis Automotive Clinic: Your Pre-Travel Vehicle Health Partner

At Griffis Automotive Clinic, we’ve built our reputation on high-quality work and exceptional customer service. We service a range of car brands, and we know what makes each tick.

Our comprehensive vehicle checks are tailored to ensure that your holiday travel is smooth and safe:

1. Battery Check

We’ll test your battery’s health, ensuring it has the strength to start your engine every morning, even in colder weather.

2. Tire Inspection

Our team will check tire tread depth, look for any wear and tear, and adjust the pressure. We don’t want you to face a flat tire or poor traction when you’re miles from home.

3. Brake Assessment

We’ll listen to your brakes as much as we inspect them, checking for any signs of wear or the need for replacement.

4. Fluids Top-Off

Your vehicle relies on various fluids to operate smoothly. We’ll check your oil, coolant, brake, and transmission fluids, among others, to ensure they are at optimal levels and conditions.

5. Lighting Check

 Headlights and brake lights are essential, especially during the longer nights of the holiday season. We’ll ensure that all your lights are functioning correctly for your safety and visibility on the road.

6. Heating and Cooling System

Comfort is key on long drives. We’ll make sure your heating and cooling systems are functioning properly, so you stay comfortable and your engine stays cool.

7. Windshield Wipers and Washer Fluid

Clear vision is critical. We’ll replace worn wipers and top off your washer fluid to combat any dirt or debris you might encounter.

Embrace Peace of Mind on Your Holiday Journey

By performing a comprehensive vehicle check before you hit the road, you’re not just investing in the health of your car; you’re also ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

At Griffis Automotive Clinic, located at 1508A Max Hooks Rd. Groveland, FL 34736, we are dedicated to making your holiday travels as worry-free as possible. So before you pack up the gifts and gather the family, give us a call at (352) 243-2277 or visit to schedule your pre-travel vehicle check-up.

Drive safe, and let the holidays be about celebration, not car complications.

Start Your Road Trip Preparations with a Pre-Trip Inspection

To ensure your car is ready to hit the road when you are, complete a pre-trip inspection in Groveland, FL about two to three weeks before your summer road trip. That’ll give you time to complete the preventative maintenance and repair services your car needs to run and drive at its best through every mile.

Whenever you’d like to get your car ready for your travels, reach out to our team at Griffis Automotive Clinic with a call to (352) 243-2277. If you prefer to visit us, we’re located at 1508 A Max Hooks Rd., Groveland, FL 34736.